We are a UK based consultancy offering support services and training for clinical researchers and research management.

As each NHS Trust, University and research organisation has different requirements, we aim to review your request individually and tailor the support and training to your actual needs.

Our main offering is training but we do also offer a small range of support services which are intended to assist you during times of staff shortages or part of inspection preparation.

Our Approach

  • Step 1 - Once we receive your request we contact you to discuss what services or training you require and how we can assist

  • Step 2 - We discuss solutions with our associates (where applicable)

  • Step 3 - We send you a proposal for review and fine tuning before approval

  • Step 4 - Proposal is accepted and we can begin the preparation work

  • Step 5 - Service and/or course is delivered in accordance with timelines agreed

  • Step 6 - We request feedback on our services and training
  • Use the dropdowns under Courses and Services above to find further information on our training offerings and support services.

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